Are you in search of a Dj to perform at your wedding party or corporate function?


A Dj who is able to play music for an international audience and is able to keep everyone up on their feet?  We're glad you've found us. Even though Belgium has many Djs,

Playing at an international wedding is something specific.

It is something that requires the right amount of experience, musical knowledge, good communication skills and atmosphere control.

These are our key specialties.

Why Studio Uno Dj Team?

We specialize in corporate functions and wedding parties.


What can we do to create an unbelievable party for you and your guests?

• We maintain contact with you, the venue, and the master of ceremony

• We are interested in your musical preferences and those of your guests

• We can blend a variety of music so that all of these wishes are met

• And, most of all, We feel responsible for the atmosphere of the party

International Wedding party music

As Djs, we like to see people enjoying themselves and celebrating the milestones in their lives, regardless of age and cultural background.

We select the right music at the right time to control the atmosphere and energy.

As a personal touch, We always meet up with you beforehand to discuss your musical preferences. 

Do you have an audience with a variety of cultural backgrounds?

Great, because we I love to change between musical styles and to play a range of different genres that you and your guests recognize and are able to dance to.

We've played at a great deal of weddings where the bride and groom are from different nationalities - each with their own traditional songs, dances and other acts to celebrate matrimony.

Our personalized approach is key to make sure these wishes are met.

We have performed with people from countries as diverse as: Turkey, Rusia, Italy, Australia, France, The Netherlands, The United States of America, England, Brazil, Aruba, Canadan Germany, Poland, Spain, Kenia, Iran, ...

We are still growing and learning more about different music, people, and cultures.

Multiple languages

For welcoming your guests at the beginning of the party, or to announce the first dance, we use the microphone.

Besides Dutch, we can speak 4 more languages:



We have to say that we don't use the microphone very often.

We are actually more focused on the guests and prefer to influence the vibe with music instead of with the spoken word.

Hopefully this helped you to form an image of the way we work and the care that we take to ensure that your party is an incredible experience for both you and your guests.

Feel free to check our availability and prices for your wedding party or corporate function.

Please send us a message and we will reply as soon as we can.


Our professional and stylish Dj-team makes sure that your; Corporate Event, Function, Wedding party, Jubilee,

Birthday party or any other Party is accompanied by the appropriate music.

Their experience and know-how guarantees a memorable party!

For further information please contact us.


Votre fête un succès inoubliable!


Notre équipe dj de style et professionnelle accompagne votre événement corporatif, fête de mariage,  jubilée, fête d’anniversaire, ou toute autre fête de musique adéquate.

Nous disposons de plusieurs disc jockeys de style et expérimentés.

Pour chaque occasion nous avons le DJ idéal.

Concentrez-vous sur et amusez-vous avec vos invités et nous ferons le reste.

Cette expérience vous garantit une soirée inoubliable!


Votre choix c’est notre service!


Vos choix musicaux sont notre priorité

Un entretien approfondi avant l’évènement

Service technique à votre disposition 24h sur 24h

DJ en réserve en cas de maladie ou d’accident

Collaboration excéllente avec votre salle ou traiteur au choix

Organisation complète de tous vos évènements


FAQ : Comment vous différenciez-vous de vos concurrents ?


Par notre expérience et la qualité de nos services,

ceci pour plus de 1000 évènements déjà !

Par l’entretien personnel, ça nous aide à comprendre ou sont vos besoins spécifiques.

Un bon DJ est à l’écoute de son publique et ne se concentre pas sur son propre choix.

En cas de contrôle nous vous assurons que toute notre musique soit diffusée de façon légale.


Pour plus d'informations s'il vous plaît contactez-nous.